IDHUBS was created to build a platform for a trust-based digital society of the future.

IDHUBS provides the digital infrastructure for a global trust-based digital ecosystem delivered through a new-generation integrated SaaS platform. IDHUBS transforms enterprise collaboration and community engagement through a complete digital experience. We create value for our customers by offering a comprehensive set of digital solutions for communication and collaboration, community e-marketplace and social media, and personal branding, ultimately becoming the global source of self-sovereign identity (SSI).

IDHUBS exists for our customers. Creating customer value is at the center of our business. We offer five cost-effective digital solutions at the choice of customers:

  • ID4ORGan innovative SaaS platform for enterprise collaboration and community engagement (white label portal along with custom-branded app (iOS and Android) to achieve efficiency gains and customer intimacy;
  • ID4ORGa social media solution for managing your Controlled Online Community to provide better customer/stakeholder experience and general revenue growth through closer interaction and engagement among community members;
  • IDMEETS – a real-time communication solution with audio and video calls and instant messaging to ensure corporate agility, resilience and productivity during and after the Covid pandemic;
  • IDHUBMART – a community-focused B2C& B e-marketplace to support community economic development and prosperity;
  • 5.IDHUBS – a platform of personal branding with interactive resumes, social media and social networking to enhance personal brand value and employability.

IDHUBS was built upon Web3.0, AI & Blockchain, and we endeavor to ensure our continued technological advancement.


We reorganize information to allow the personal autonomy of your digital identity for building a trust-based digital society of the future.