Role of Creative Technologist in the New Digital Ecosystem


Creative technologists are not only avant-garde but also daring, and believe in developing ambitious and innovative projects. The role of a ‘creative technologist’ is quite new. They invent new products and uses based on cutting edge scientific knowledge.

Who are Creative Technologists?

The basic role of creative technologists is not defined. They manage to bridge the gap between code and creativity, but this description does not even scratch the surface. These are designers who go directly from communicating an idea to coding a prototype. They are also developers who have a great sense of design and concept. These technologists need to be skilled in strategy, leadership and in creating a vision. They lead from the start of any project, explore new models and determine their approach through well-established processes.
Besides being early explorers, they are also considered to be creators at heart. Creative technologists are always ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve their goal. They tend to be leaders who demonstrate their ability to work quickly throughout their channel.


Creative technologists focus on making the experience of end-to-end better for the users

They bridge the gap between technology and ideas

Their creative ideas are translated through innovative technological solutions

They analyze, investigate and also experiment with emerging frameworks and platforms for deliver solutions for a variety of problems

They possess the proper amount of knowledge for visual design.

Where did they come from?

Creative Technologists seem to be filling in the void within the ‘creative’ industry. This role has now been recognized as a digital developmental service. At present, the fault lines between design and development seems to be distorted.

How can they help customers?

The segmented roles that are traditional become less important when the main goal and the real focus is on the customer. The prime focus is on constant innovation and velocity. These creative technologists have emerged as key players in a cross functional environment of teams that are set up for failure after experimentation.

Presently, digital transformation for organizations is considered to be of prime importance. For this reason, the barriers need to be removed. Technologies like AI, Voice Recognition and AR will soon be standard, so it is essential to take a new approach.

Such an approach must be unified and creative. This can make any company ‘digitally fit’ within the new ecosystem. A creative technologist needs to be an essential contributor for any vision of digital transformation.

Creative Technologists understand that any feedback will create a much faster result. Their method of thinking is unique, and they have the ability to be persuasive and and they know how to engage their audience .

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